About Osiris®

From creating the first cellular bone allograft to developing the first approved stem cell drug, remestemcel-L, we've focused our research and development on regenerative medicine.

About Osiris

Advancing Regenerative Medicine

Expect Better from Regenerative Medicine

In 1992, Osiris was founded with a singular mission: advance the area of cellular and regenerative medicine. We achieved this milestone in 2012 when we received approval for remestemcel-L in Canada and New Zealand for the treatment of graft-versus-host disease. There was no path to follow; no established research or related technologies on which to base our efforts. We defined the direction, creating a body of work and repository of intellectual property that not only validated our insights scientifically, but also defined the medical community’s understanding of this area of research.
Among our company’s innovations is the development of BioSmart™, an advanced proprietary process for tissue processing and cryopreservation that preserves and maintains the native properties and inherent functionality of the tissue. We have evolved from solely an R&D-focused biotech company into a more diverse organization focused on regenerative products for wound care, sports medicine, and orthopaedics. While we emphasize the manufacturing and marketing of viable, advanced products, we will also uphold our reputation for innovation, developing new, smarter approaches for healthcare.



Osiris Therapeutics was founded in 1992 based on stem cell technology discovered by researchers at Case Western Reserve University led by Dr. Arnold Caplan. He recognized this technology had tremendous therapeutic potential.


Today, more than two decades after our journey began, Osiris continues to advance the science of regenerative medicine to treat patients in need. We are focused on the challenges faced by physicians and the healthcare system in the areas of wound care, sports medicine, and orthopaedics by developing effective solutions that improve outcomes for patients.


Through his work at Case Western University, Arnold Caplan, Ph.D., publishes the groundbreaking study “Mesenchymal Stem Cells.”


Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., is founded based on Caplan’s discovery of MSC technology.


Osiris delivers what would be one of many world’s firsts, being the first company to ever treat a patient with an autologous stem cell product.    


Soon after its 1998 accomplishment, Osiris becomes the first company to ever treat a patient with an allogeneic stem cell product.


Osiris creates the world’s first cellular bone allograft.


Osiris completes its IPO on NASDAQ under the symbol OSIR.


Driving therapeutic research forward, Osiris launches a Phase 3 clinical trial with mesenchymal stem cells for patients suffering from GvHD.


Osiris successfully brings the world’s first approved stem cell drug to market in Canada and New Zealand, remestemcel-L for treatment of GvHD.


Osiris announces the results of a significant trial for Grafix, demonstrating 191% relative improvement vs. standard wound care.


Osiris becomes a fully integrated company with the commercialization of its product portfolio, addressing unmet needs in wound care, sports medicine, and orthopaedics.

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Strategic Partnerships

Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., based in Columbia, Maryland, is a leader in researching, developing, and marketing regenerative medicine products that improve the health and lives of patients. Having developed the world’s first approved stem cell drug, we continue to advance our research and development of biotechnology by focusing on innovation in regenerative medicine – including bioengineering, stem cell research, and viable tissue-based products. We work strategically to bring products to market, tactically partnering with top leaders in the field when it is advantageous to us.

Arthrex, Inc. On October 17, 2014, we announced our agreement with Arthrex, Inc., for the commercialization and distribution of our cartilage product, Cartiform®. Arthrex is a global medical device company and the leader in new product development and medical education in orthopaedics and sports medicine, operating in over 90 countries throughout the world. Arthrex will help Cartiform penetrate the cartilage repair market, which represents a significant opportunity, with up to 500,000 patients needing treatment in the U.S. per year. The agreement provides Arthrex with exclusive commercial distribution rights to Cartiform. We will be responsible for the manufacturing, continued research, and product improvement activities. The responsibilities related to the design and conduct of future clinical development programs will be shared between both organizations. Cartilage has limited ability to self-repair, and the current standard of care, microfracture or bone marrow stimulation, remains unsatisfactory. Cartiform combines distinct clinical advantages of fresh-stored allograft with the logistical and delivery advantages of non-viable, point-of-care implants.

Cartiform is a viable osteochondral allograft containing viable chondrocytes, chondrogenic growth factors, and extracellular matrix proteins within the intact architecture of healthy hyaline cartilage. Cartiform promotes articular cartilage repair to treat focal chondral defects. Cartiform combines the safety and proven success of fresh osteochondral allografts with ease of use resulting from Osiris’ proprietary cryopreservation technology.

Mesoblast Limited On October 10, 2013, we announced our agreement with Mesoblast Limited for the sale of our culture-expanded mesenchymal stem cell (ceMSC) business, including Prochymal®. As part of this agreement, we will receive royalty payments on sales of Prochymal and other products utilizing the acquired ceMSC technology. This agreement allows for us to preserve future value from Prochymal through a series of milestone and royalty payments.

Stryker Corp. On December 22, 2014, we announced entering into an exclusive partnership with Stryker Corporation for the commercialization and development of our viable bone matrix tissue form, BIO4®. This partnership strategically aligns one of Osiris’ leading regenerative medicine technologies with Stryker, an industry leader in orthopaedic and spine products; the resulting synergies will maximize the market potential.

The agreement provides Stryker with exclusive, worldwide rights to our viable bone matrix under the name BIO4®, previously referred to as OvationOS®. We will be responsible for the manufacturing, continued research, and product improvement activities while Stryker will be responsible for the commercialization and marketing of BIO4®. To demonstrate the differentiating benefits and to ensure the continued success and growth of this innovative product, both organizations will collaborate on the design and conduct of future clinical development programs.

BIO4® is a bone allograft that contains both viable cells and endogenous growth factors. It is a safe alternative to autografts that minimizes the potential for harvest site co-morbidities. BIO4® is composed of a structural extracellular matrix, osteogenic and angiogenic growth factors, endogenous mesenchymal stem cells, and osteoblasts. It possesses osteoconductive, osteoinductive, osteogenic, and angiogenic properties that are required for bone repair and regeneration. It is ready to use out of the package and has differentiated handling compared to other products currently on the market.