Peter Friedli

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Peter Friedli is a co-founder of Osiris and, except for the period between February and June 2004, has been a director since January 1996. Mr. Friedli has been a principal of the investment-banking firm Friedli Corporate Finance, Inc., since 1986. Friedli Corporate Finance, Inc., a leading Swiss venture capital firm, has made significant investments in the biotechnology industry. Friedli Corporate Finance, Inc., has been the primary source of financing for Osiris. Mr. Friedli is also President of New Venturetec Ltd., a Swiss publicly traded investment company. Mr. Friedli has extensive experience as an independent investment manager in venture capital and has specialized in investments domiciled in the United States in the areas of biotechnology and technology. Prior to this, he worked in the field of international management consulting for service and industrial companies in Europe and the United States. He also serves as a director in certain private companies. Mr. Friedli is also the largest single shareholder.