Osiris leads the way and is focused on developing regenerative medicine solutions that benefit patients.

Technology Osiris

A Viable Solution to a Better Approach

Through more than 20 years of research and clinical work, Osiris not only defined the science and natural healing potential of cellular regenerative therapies but also created a body of work that established the medical community’s understanding of cellular technology. This technology has helped us better understand the interdependencies associated with

controlling inflammation, reducing fibrosis, and the regulation of tissue homeostasis and repair, including the development of BioSmart™ – a proprietary process for cell and tissue preservation that maintains the integrity of the biological materials. BioSmart™ serves as the manufacturing backbone for all Osiris products.


Start with a Smart Approach

Osiris has developed and employs a cryopreservation process that maintains the natural activity of the tissue product. The basis of our BioSmart™ process includes preservation of the 3D matrix, endogenous growth factors, and tissue-resident cells.

MSC Primer

The Science of MSCs

Through our new IND, Osiris seeks to harness the abilities of cellular matrices to promote the body’s natural healing, delivering better therapeutic options for patients and physicians that improve treatment outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. To this end, we have advanced stem cell technology translated from the minds of visionary scientists to the treatment of patients in need. Along the way, through basic science and clinical research, Osiris has gained invaluable knowledge of cell-based solutions for unmet medical needs, including MSCs.

Cell types originating from MSCs are present through the entire body, and it has been shown that MSCs can be isolated from virtually any organ. Tissue protection, regeneration, and the ability to regulate inflammation are key activities of MSCs in the body, which illustrates the broad therapeutic potential of these cells.